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About Us

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Triumphant Estate Sales Los Angeles is an entire team of caring professionals that fully handle and care for every aspect of your Estate Sale, Liquidation, Moving Sale, Selling the assets of a loved one, or even selling of the home itself.
We do things differently With Care, New Technology and Integrity.  Answers and Actions!

We have also become one of the most highly referred Estate Sale Companies.  We are all ready focused on creating estate sales Live and in person, or Live Video to Computers/Phones, To even a combo of both. Also 24 Hour Online Estate Sales. Ask us about our Hosted Internet sale Show. We have the Options for a Triumphant Sale, with our clients, buyers and Cities needs in mind for the best Return on your Items, and the health and safety of all involved.

We specialize in the Los Angeles areas in addition to Palm Desert, Palm Springs areas.


We Assist Large Estates, to Small Households, Personal Property
Businesses and Warehouses


We handle the multitude of  aspects and stress of the process. Caringly guiding you from our first idea of having a sale, to the final moment when all is done. (From the start until the Triumphant finish) From the first contact with us, until we close... beginning to end.
We are here for you now, contact us today to see how we work differently, i.e. with integrity, care, extreme marketing, and new techniques and technical aspects that make our sales a triumphant event for you and our shoppers

Meet us today. Contact us for your no obligation consultation, where you'll learn about us, we'll learn about you and your needs, and share a specialized process  designed for each specific client. We'll also share what you should know about hiring any Estate Sale Company in Los Angeles. Yes, we are here to help.


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